Learn to Club Dance

Learn to club dance and be able to date that gorgious lady whom you have been dreaming of.


Need not to be Out of Place

To be honest, I really don’t know how to dance at first. I grow up in a family that doesn’t like to learn dancing. My parents and relatives usually tell me to be focussed in my studies to have a bright future. They usually discourage me to join dance groups. They’re telling me that dancing is just a waste of time.

I just follow what my family is telling me until I got into a difficult situation. I am usually be out of place whenever I go out with my friends to a dance party. Whenever this happens I usually set at the corner and watch my friends who are enjoying themselves. I regreted that I didn’t know and learn to club dance. I am only embarassed when I try to dance with them.

One time, I happen to meet a lady. I really like her. I want to date with her but I have a problem with her requirements. She really wants to date a guy who knows how to dance in the club and in any dance parties. This is now the hardest part because I need to learn to club dance which one of her requirements.

I asked my friends to teach me so I will learn to club dance. We go to night clubs often times so I will learn the basic dance moves. I really don’t know that’s the reason why it’s very hard for me to learn at first but I am very determined to learn to club dance because of that lady. She is my inspiration while learning how to dance.

After a month of determined practice, I am able to learn to club dance and able to date that gorgious lady whom I dream of.

How to learn to club Dance?

Since childhood I am always envy with my friends who know how to dance. I usually enroll at special dance classes just to learn how to dance. I learn also after many lessons and practice sessions but it’s not very easy for me. I always go home late because I spend more time in practicing at school.

When I go to college, we experience financial problem. My father is very sick that he can’t work anymore. It is only my mother who is working for a living and I am attending school with many expenses. Since we don’t have suffecient income I dicided to find work at night while attending school during daytime.

I ask my friends and classmates where they are working so I can work also and earn money. They suggest that I go to clubs at night and dance. They tell me to learn to club dance in order to be qualified as a dancer. I am very happy to hear their suggestion since in the first place I love dancing.

After my class in the morning the next day I go to one of the night clubs and apply for work. The human resource personel schedules an interview with me and she also tell me that I should be able to dance very well. When I arrive home, I right away scan my dvd collections on how to learn to club dance. I find many but I know many of them are not in so I search online for tips and toturials to learn to club dance.

I prepare myself for the interview because I really want the job and the money for my study so I can help my mother. I want to perform very well during the screening.

Fortunately, I am very happy to get the job in the club after the interview and what the good thing happens. They will help me to learn to club dance because they will be giving tranings for me together with the other dancers. I am now very happy because not only that I will earn money but I can do what I love – dancing.

Learn to Club Dance for Fun

There are many recreational activities nowadays. After the very tiring work for whole day, we need to relax and enjoy life. We need to find a very good place to spend during the night and during weekends.

In my life, I really need to have recreation and enjoyment because I will be productive in my work if I enjoy life. You will find many things to enjoy especially at night. There are many night clubs where you can spend your time together with your friends.

There are many things that you will learn and enjoy while attending parties and night clubs. You will not just enjoy yourself but you will also learn to club dance at the same time. I read in one of the forums online that in order to learn to club dance, you need to visit different night clubs to be able to observe and learn their dance moves. Of course, you need not to go there alone. You will not enjoy the party alone. You must invite your friends or your sweetheart so you will enjoy the night.

If you don’t know how to dance. Don’t worry because your friends will be able to teach you to learn to club dance while you are enjoying the party. There is no substitute for actual experience than theories and tutorials in learing to dance. I myself want the actual performance if I want to learn something new. And one thing also that is very good is you will enjoy lfie together with your friends and love ones.